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T, Minneapolis,Minn 

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"\ ■"''' 

mr j y 

T HREE HUNDRED THOUSAND CATALOGUES to my customers for 1906. 

Fourteen years of successful business for the Pioneer Seedswoman of America. 
The first season in our new home, shown on opposite page. 


PR F F ppr IWJ MB RJ| 30 CENTS’ worth of seeds extra allowed on all orders amounting to ONE DOLLAR ; 15 CENTS' 

■ I— > nL IVI I w IVI ■ worth on all orders amounting to 50 CENTS. This liberal premium is the same as 30 per cent, discount, 

but must be selected in seeds/ “and order for premium must accompany original order for seeds. 


PI C“ A or DT AD ||VI ft/| [ |V| n I cannot allow plants to be selected as premiums on seeds, neither can I allow prem- 

• I— C- A D C. D L H nt I 1 i 1*1 I I * U iums to be selected on plants or Rose orders. I am offering them at such an extremely 

low price to introduce them to my patrons, to add a premium is simply impossible. Plants and roses will be shipped as soon as weather will permit. 
U f“\ \Af T/> D C“ IWI I T AA IVI IT V Always send, money by one of the following methods : POST-OFFICE ORDER, 


and if the order is lost or stolen, your money is safe — I Especially Request my Customers to Remit Money in This Way, and I will allow 
you to select seeds to the cost of the Money Order, Registered Letter or Draft. Providing Your Order Amounts to 50 Cents. Do not send 
postage stamps, unless you have no other way of remitting amount ; and when you do, two-ccnt denomination preferred. If money is sent in any 
other way than specified above it is at the risk of the sender. 

P^% O T DA | All seeds sent postpaid and safe arrival GUARANTEED. All orders received to the amount of $1.50 and upwards 

■ O I ■ A I !■/ ■ w iH be forwarded by REGISTERED MAIL to purchaser’s address, which costs me 8 cents extra, but insures the 
safe arrival of your seeds. Please sign your name and full address on each- and every letter you send. 

O I I A IMTITV A C C rrn C I IVI A D A p K r T Customers will please note I state number of seeds in a 

Val w A IV I I I T ■ O U b. L/ w I IV A ■ nvi\L I ■ packet, which will enable those wishing to plant borders 

and beds of a certain length or size to calculate the number of packages required. FULL COUNT GUARANTEED. No less quantity than a 
package can be sold. 

FLORAL CULTURE. Containing full cultural directions and points how to grow flowers from seeds, mailed free with 

Please be careful to sign your name and full address on each and every order you send. 
Address all letters to 


602-604-606 10th St., South MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. 


The above illustration shows the garden of the 1st pri z e winner for the finest yards -grown .from my seeds d «\W‘heseason 
of 1905. I wish it were possible for me to reproduce all of the prize winning pictures, but space will not allow. Below is a list ot 
the successful competitors: 

$20.00 MRS. G. W. CRANE , Topeka , Kansas 

$10.00 Mrs . G. W. Moulton 
$10.00 Thomas Lord 
$10.00 Mrs . Clarissa Cannon 
$5.00 Mrs. L. A. Miller 
$5.00 Mrs. E. E. ttefflefinge 
$5.00 J. Wm. Eckhardt 

Athol, Mass. 
New tlaven. Mo. 
Lmporia, Kansas 
Waucoma, Iowa 
Harrisburg, Pa. 
Baltimore, Md. 

$5,00 Mrs. L. D. Toliver 
$5.00 Miss Louise Stuke 
$2.50 Mrs. Jas. V. Cushing 
$2.50 Ralph B. Prcison 
$2.50 Mrs. Jacob Crosmer 
$2.50 Jno. P. Calvin 

Abilene, Kansas 
Granby, Minn. 
Loveland, Ohio 
Casey, Illinois 
Tripp „ So. Dak . 
Seattle, Wash. 

The names of the fifteen one dollar prize winners will be furnished if requested. 

It Rives me pleasure to call my many friends’ and patrons’ attention to the cut of the new home for my business, on 1st page, 
having completely oiU-grown .ny old store on 6th street, last June I purchased’ this beaut, ful old fashioned home aud have brouKh 

mv business to it and where 1 shall have ample room to attend to all branches of the business in a very satisfactory manner to myself 

we“?™s ? tay Customers. 1 Impe And while thanking you all for your steady support will ask a continuance of it, promising prompt 
' • ' — rU Very sincerely yours, 


602-604 Tenth Street South 


as well <IS 111)’ t-ltMimitl', j 

service, and the best quality of seeds. 

The Pioneer Seeds Woman 
of America. 

Aster, New Japanese or Tassel. 

The beautiful flowers of this new strain of Asters 
offer a most striking: contrast with those of any 
other variety. They are of immense size measuring: 
from five to six inches across, with long: petals 
curiously waved and curled, so as to give them a 
striking: resemblance to the Japanese Chrysan- 
themums. They grow fourteen or fifteen inches 
high, are well branched and produce a number of 
enormous flowers. Colors, flesh and piuk. Pkt., 
150 seeds , 5 cts. 


Cornflower Aster 

Stokeslo Cyaneo. 

This is one of our 
most charming and 
beautiful native hardy 
plants. The plant 
grows from 18 to 24 in- 
ches high, bearing 
freely, from early July 
until frost, its hand- 
some 1 a v e n d e r-blue 
Centaurea-like blos- 
soms, each measuring 
from 4 to 5 inches 
across. It is of the 
easiest culture, suc- 
ceeding in auy open 
sunny position, and is 
not only desirable as 
a single plant in the 
mixed hardy border 
but can be used with 
fine effect in masses 
or beds of any size. 
Pkt., 100 seeds, 8 cts . 



New Comet Aster, 

Ostrich Feather type 
of Asters. Much larger 
than the Giant Comet, 
the petals longer and 
more curled and twist- 
ed, and produced in 
greater abundance. 
Horne on long stem 
which makes it very 
desirable for cut flow- 
ers. Mixed colors. 
Pkt., 100 seeds, 8 cts. 

The plants of this new variety are perfectly true iti 
character, growing twelve to fifteen inches high and cov- 
ered with large double flowers, as shown in the illustra- 
tion. The flowers measure from Z l A to4 l s inches in diam- 
eter, resembling in shape and artistically curved and 
twisted petals, tiie finest Chinese Chrysanthemums. Mixed 
colors. Pkt., 150 seeds, 5 cts . 

COMET— Pure white. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 

COMET— Deep scarlet. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 

COMET-h ight blue. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 

COMET— Pure lilac. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 

Flora B.Vunk, Fallette, N. Y., writes: — Last year I From Mrs. Isabelle Goodwin, East Lobanan, Maine : — Mrs.C.D. Brown, Onoida, N. Y. March 14th, 1905, 
had your eight cent collection of seeds; tho first I had I had the loveliest asters I over sow from seed purchased writes. — Our seeds from you lost year were tine, es- 

ever had from you. I was much pleased with them, of you. They were all colors of tho rainbow, and so pecially tho petunias. 1 never saw such beautic. 

My asters wero over so nico and the pansies were simply large; some being nearly five inches across. Such I took up some in the fall and have them in mv 

beautiful. In comparing your prices with others I find beauties. All of your seeds do fine for me. window garden. Ono is a mass or white and purple 

yours are much chcapor. I wish yom every succoss. now. 

Magnificent flowers, massive and showy, with regular overlap- 
ping petals clear to the center. The flowers measure lour inches 
and over across, and are of rich ar.d varied colors. The plants 
grow very evenly, pyramidal in form, about eighteen inches high, 
and carry from twenty-five to forty flowers. Over twenty colors, 
mixed. Pkt., 150 seeds, 5 cts. 

One of the most perfect and deservedly one of the most popular 
of all asters; very double, large and beautiful flowers, . with in- 
curved petals; height. 18 inches to two feet; nearly 30 distinct col- 
ors, mixed. Pkt., 150 seeds, 5 cts. 

PERFECTION— Snow white. Pkt., 100 seeds , 5 cts, 
PERFECTION -Pink ball. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 

PERFECTION— Crimson ball. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 


1 flfl rna//c f'/W. 

VICTORIA— Snow White. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 
VICTORIA— Bright Pink. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 
VICTORIA— Dark Crimson. Pkt., 100 seeds, Sets. 
VICTORIA— Lavender Shades. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 

Mr. Mary Foster, Troy, N. Y., Feb. 26, 1905, wrlte.-I think tho.e Peton!.., 
.ter. .nd rink seed. 1 hod from you lest year were the henrUumo.t lloivcrs I ever 
.w and I will .oy that your seed, ere the best I ever u.ed. 

New White Branching Aster. 

The magnificent, large double white flowers, quite four inches in 
diameter, are borne upon long stems, making them excellent for 
cutting. Pkt., 150 seeds , 5 cts . 

New Yellow Aster. 

The form of the double flower is a perfect ball; the quills are 
close together and of the brightest sulphur yellow , not a mere 
indication of the color, as in all former productions. The border 
petals are broad and of a lighter tint, seeming to enclose the flower 
like an old-fashioned bouquet paper. The flowers are borne upon 
long, erect stems, excellent for cutting. Plants, twelve to fifteen 
inches high, are of compact, hardy growth, and most abundant 
bloomers. Pkt., 150 seeds , 5 cts. 

My Pear Mias Llppincott: — 

Last year I purchased your eight cent collection of seeds, consisting of Asters, 
Pansies, Nasturtiums and Sweet Peas. The sweet peas grew to a height of twelvo foot 
»nd were covered with the fragrant blossoms from early in July until October. 

Your Mods have always flvan perfect satisfaction; Yours, 

Annie H. Sehoeley. 

of paper from seed order, and address to MISS LIPPI NCOTT . 

Harlequin Aster. 

A striking A9ter of great beauty, upright habits 
and a profuse bloomer. This new race produces 
odd flowers of the most handsome and attractive 
appearance, which continue in bloom a long time. 
In the gardens of Paris they are considered the 
most valuable of all varieties on account of their 
long duration in bloom and remarkably bright and 
conspicuous colors. Composed of pure white 
petals, quaintly interspersed in irregular manner, 
with deep blue and bright red petals. Pkt., 150 
seeds, 5 cts. 

Chae. E. Coursen, Scranton, Pa., Feb. 25, 1905, writes:— En- 
closed find money order for one dollar ($1.00) for seeds, and 
extra premium soedB; also a few addresses which might help you. 
Seeds received from you last year were very satisfactory. 

Kindly forward seed* at one*. 

Aster, Fire King. 

The Most Brilliant Aster Ever Introduced. 

And the nearest approach to scarlet yet obtained; a color 
nreviously unknown in this popular dower, which for an 
autumn show of flowers, few otheri equal. Habit very com- 
pact not more than twelve inches in height, with large, beau- 
tifully in-curved flowers, and makes a charming companion to 
"SNOWBALL.” Pkt., ISO seeds, 5 cts. 

Aster. Snowball. 

A Most Distinct and Handsome Variety, Equally Valuable for 
Pot Culture and Cut Flowers. 

It is a most profuse bloomer, a single plant often producing 
as many as twenty-five to thirty part snow-white flowers globu- 
lar in form aud of extraordinary size. Pkt., 150 seeds, 5cts. 

Semple’s Branching. 

This is a magnificent new American strain, producing 

handsome double flowers on long stems. Mixed colois. Pkt., 

150 seeds , 5 cts . 

SEMPLE’S BRANCHING— Crimson. Pkt., 100 seeds, S cts. 
SEMPLE’S BRANCHING— 'Lavender. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 
SEMPLE’S BRANCHING — Pink. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 
SEMPLE’S BRANCHING — White. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 

Asters, Finest Mixed. 

Of all the best varieties, such os Victoria, Perfection, 
Comet, Harlequin, etc. Pkt., ISO seeds, 6 cts. 

Asters, Good Mixed. 

Many bright colors, Pkt., 100 seeds, 3 cts. 

One Packet each of the entire collec- 
tion of Asters, including new Ostrich 
Plume Aster. 30 pkts. for $1.20. 

Alyssum, Little Gem. 

Alyssum, Little Genu 

The plants are very dwarf. Each spreads so as to 
completely cover a circular space twelve to twenty in- 
ches in diameter. They soon become one mass of 
white, remaining: in full bloom from spring to fall- 
being densely studded with the beautiful miniature 
spikes of deliciously fragrant flowers, rkt., 300 seeds. 
5 cts.\oz.,30 cts. 

Alyssum , Saxatile Compactum. 

Showy golden-yellow flowers; hardy perennial, 
blooms the first season; excellent for rock work. Pkt., 
200 seeds, 5 cts. 

I-eah E. Evans, New Cumberland, W. Va., Jan. 27, ’05, writeB - — The 
eeeda which I got from you wore excellent— \yant no better, an every 
flood grew. 



It’s pure white 
fragrant flowers 
are produced from 
early spring until 
killed by frost; 
very useful in all 
kinds of bouquets. 

Note — For a cem- 
etery plant, noth- 
ing is more suit- 
able than Sweet 
Alyssum— req u i r- 
ing but little care 
and attention and 
a continuous 
bloomer through- 
out the summer. 
Pkt., 300 seeds, 
4 cts., oz. , 25 cts. 


Do not fail to get 
a supply of Chinese 
Primroses for win- 
ter-blooming. Do 
this during July 
and August so they 
may become well 
established before 
cold weather. Keep 
in partial shade 
and water moder- 
ately. A dozen 
plants well grown 
will yield a whole 
windowful of bloom 
during winter. 

Arab Is Alplna . 

The pure white flowers grow so uniformly and thickly 
that it gives the effect of a sheet of sno7v. Plants perfectly 
hardy. The earliest, prettiest spring flower. The 
spreading tufts are densely clothed with neat, lively 
green leaves and covered with pure white flowers of 
the most lovely effect, conspicuous in great distance, 
especially in large masses on rockeries or broad edg- 
ings for park roads, having the advantage of braving 
the greatest drought during summer and always look- 
ing neat. Pkt., 300 seeds, 5 cts . 

Ageratum, Imperial Dark Blue. 

A plant that blooms continuously all summer in the garden and 
makes a pleasing contrast of color with more brilliant varieties. I 
offer seed of the new Imperial Dark Blue as the best and most 
showy. Pkt., 300 seeds, 4 cts. 

Ageratum, Dwarf White . 

A new variety, very dwarf and compact; pure white. 

seeds , 5 cts . 

Achillea . 

Pkt., 300 

Ptarm1co—( Double Whtte Yarrow). One of the best hardy 
white perennials in the list. Grows about two feet high, and from 
spring till frost, is covered with heads of pure white double 
tiowers. A grand plant for cemetery decoration. Kasily grown 
irom seed, flowering the first season if sown early* Pkt,, 300 
seeds, S cts. 


A hardy annual with long 
spiral stems, bearing an 
abundance of small, round 
greenish-yellow buds and 
blossoms which are ex- 
ceedingly fragrant. It is 
as desirable as the Rose 
Geranium as a plant with 
fragrant foliage, and for 
making up into bouquets 
and other floral work. Its 
long, beautiful, fringy 
spirals of lovely green are 
unsurpassed. It is one of 
the easiest plants to grow, 
and seed may be sown 
early in open ground. 

Pkt., 400 seeds, 5 cts. 

Sulpho Tobacco Soap. 

A Wonderful Insec! 

Pest Exterminator. 

Unsurpassed for quickly 
exterminating all insect 
life on plants and flowers 
in and out of doors. Kx- 
cellent for rose bushes, 
shrubs etc. This popular 
insecticide never fails to 
give satisfaction and is 
cheap, effective, clean, 
harmless and non-in jur- 
ious to the tenderest 
growth. It also acts as a 
valuable fertilizer, reviv- 
ing plant life. For domes- 
tic purposes it rids the 
house of cockroaches, and 
is a superior wash for 
dogs and all animals. 
Prevents poultry lice. A 
trial will give highly grat- 
ifying results. 

3-oz, cake, sufficient for 
l l A gallons prepared so- 
lution, mailed postpaid 
13c. 8-oz. cake, sufficient 

for 4 gallons prepared so- 
lution, mail postpaid 28c. 

Anchusa C a pen sis, or Cape 

A hardy annual of more than ordinary beauty. It grows about 
two feet high, branching freely and bearing a profusion of the 
most lovely flowers, similar in all respects to the Forget-me-not, 
though the blossoms are much larger and of finer color. It is 
always taken for a beautiful, large-flowering Forget-me-not, and 
for bouquets and cut flowers it is indeed superior to it. Its color 
is a deep, clear, brilliant blue with a pure white eye; one of the 
rarest and most lovely shades of that color. It blooms early and 
continues all summer. Pkt ., 200 seeds, 5 c ts* 

Asparagus Sprengert, 

New. Perhaps the best new plant introduced within ten years. 
Highly praised everywhere; handsomest seen drooping from a 
pot or basket. Sprays 4 to 6 feet long, of fresh, green, feathery 
foliage; useful for bouquets, wreaths or sprays, remaining perfect 
for weeks after cutting. Grows freely the whole year round; ex- 
tremely valuable for all purposes. Flowers white, followed by red 
berries. Pkt., 15 seeds, 8 cts . 

Asparagus, Plumosus Nanus. This graceful climbing Aspara- 
gus has foliage finer than that of the most delicate fern, and will 
last for weeks after being cut. It is an excellent house plant, suc- 
ceeding under almost any conditions. Pkt., 10 seeds, 10 cts, 


Abutllon , Flowering Maple , 

A very popular perennial shrub, with bell-shaped 
drooping flowers, well adapted to house culture, easily 
raised from seed, and if sown before April, under glass, 
plants will bloom the first season. For winter flower- 
ing. plant in September. Finest mixed. Pkt., 30 seeds , 
5 cts. 

Walker's Excelsior Lawn Dressing. 

10 lb. box, 50c; 25 lb. sack, $1.25; 50 lb. sack, $2.00. If 
your lawn is worn and shabby, try the Lawn Dressing. 
It is absolutely odorless; can be used at anytime, and 
the good results will be apparent inside of two weeks. 
Lawn Grass Seed by the peck or bushel, and Lawn 
Dressing by express at buyer’s expense. 

Mr*. M. J. Qoa*, West Levant, Maine, Apr. 25, 1905, writes: I had a 
pkt. of your Dahlia seed* given me last year. I never saw lovelier 
Dahlias than grew from those seed* . 

Acrocllnlum, Everlasting . 

One of the mostbeautiful and valuable of the 
everlasting flowers, called by some “Pink Dais- 
ies,” very effective in borders during the bloom- 
ing seasons, and possessing the additional ad- 
vantage of being available for winter decoration, 
for which purpose it is now extensively grown 
The densely double flowers are faultless, both in 
shape and color; the flowers are somewhat 
larger than the single, and from the seed I offer 
above 75 per cent will be double. Pkt,, 75 seeds, 
3 cts . 

Crab’s-Eye Vine, Abrus Precatorlus. 

A most beautiful climber, either for pot cul 
ture or the open ground in summer; bears clus 
ters of bright yellow flowers, followed by bunch 
es of pods, which, when dry, burst open, disclos 
ing brilliant red seeds with black eyes, used for 
making beads and other ornaments, for which 
purpose they are exceedingly pretty. Pkt,, 15 
seeds, 5 cts. 

Antirrhinum, Tom Thumb . (Snapdragon.) 

Very dwarf, growing only eight inches high, thickly studded 
with beautiful spikes of gay colored flowers, orange, scarlet, rose- 
white, maroon, striped, etc. Pkt., 300 seeds, 5 cts. 

Antirrhinum, New Giant. 

Flowers double the size of the older sorts, more closely set on 
the stems and colors more clear and brilliant. Plants very com- 
pact and bushy, growing about twelve inches high. All colors 
mixed. Pkt., 200 seeds, 5 cts . 

Antirrhinum, Queen of the North. 

The finest and most beautiful of all the Snapdragons. The 
plants grow into handsome, regular bushes, twelve inches high, 
covered with large white flowers of a deliciously sweet perfume. 
Suitable for bedding or pot culture. Pkt., 200 seeds, 5 cts. 

Angel's Breath, or Gypsophlla. 

An annual that should be in every garden, for it thrives every- 
where, and furnishes the loveliest material for all kinds of bou- 
quets. The tiny little flowers are borne in abundance on long, 
graceful branching stems which lend a most graceful, light ap- 
pearance to any bunch of flowers. Pkt., 300 seeds, 5 cts. 

Aqullegla, or Columbine . 

Very handsome, ornamental, hardy perennial plants of easy cul- 
tivation and bearing in profusion large flowers of novel shape and 
in a great variety of colors. Double Mixed. Pkt., 150 seeds, 
3 cts. 

Bachelor's Button. 
Bachelor's Button, Double . 

It has been so perfected that fully 
eighty per cent, of the flowers are double 
and serai-double; are also increased in 
size and present many bright colors and 
distinct markings which have hitherto 
been unknown in this old-fashioned 
favorite flower. Pkt. f 50 seeds, 4 cts. 



A Favorite Old-Fashion- 
ed Climber . 

One of the very few 
beans that are both orna- 
mental and useful. It 
grows rapidly to a height 
of ten to twelve feet, and 
is covered from July until 
heavy frost with clusters of 
beautiful scarlet flowers. 
Pkt., 10 seeds , 4 cts . 

Pt.20 cts. qt. 30 cts. 

Mrs. A. Reed, Fairflold, Cal., 
Jan. 21, 190 'i, writes: I had dou- 
ble Hollyhock seed from you last 
yoar which came finely. 

Please Remember 
that my 

Royal Show Pansy 
Is the 

Best Mixture 
In existence; that 
/ am 

Constantly adding 

Giant Varieties 
and doing 
all possible 
to keep it up 
to Its 

own standard. 

Miss M. E. Blevins, OBkaloo&a, Kan., May 10, 1905, writes: Your Dahlia seeds aro fine. The 
Dahlias a friend of mine raised from your seeds last summer wero boat by none . 

Balsam, Good Mixed. 

A splendid strain, good colors and large double flowers ; 
not equal to “Defiance,” but gives good satisfaction. Pkt., 
30 seeds, 3 cts. 

Defiance Balsam, Lady Slipper . 

The most perfect in form and largest double flowered 
Balsam yet developed, and by careful growth and selection, 
has attained a standard that will be found hard to improve. 
The mixture which I offer is composed in nearly equal pro- 
portions of eight colors: Rose, Rose-White Spotted. Pink, 
Scarlet, White-Tinted Violet, White Spotted, Scarlet White 
Spotted and Purple; each having been grown separately. 
Pkt., 50 seeds, 5 cts. 

Begonia Rex . 

Beautiful foliage, justly celebrated as the finest of ornamental 
pot plants, superb large leaves, of exquisite and rich coloring. 

Pkt., 50 seeds, 15 cts. 

Begonia.— Tuberous rooted, single mixed. Seed saved from 
finest colors. Pkt., 100 seeds, 10 cts. 

Begonia.— Tuberous rooted, double mixed, from the finest and 
best colors. Pkt., 100 seeds, 12 cts. 

Begonia Vernon. 

One of the most satisfactory pot plants for the house, and a 
popular bedding plant for the garden or lawn. It blooms with the 
greatest profusion throughout the summer. Flowers a brilliant 
orange-carmine with bright yellow centers, and the foliage waxy 
and glossy. It is easily raised from seed, and comes absolutely 
true. Valuable for bedding and general culture. Pkt., 150 seeds, 
5 cts . 

Bird of Paradise, Polnclana Clllesl. 

The color of the flower is a golden yellow, measuring two and 
a half inches across, with shape as shown in illustration, and it is 
produced in very large trusses. The most beautiful part of the 
flower is the large pistils which are spread out in fan-like form, 
and are of bright crimson color. The foliage is also highly d*.c 
orative, reminding one of a very delicate Acacia. If the seed is 
started early, it will produce blooms in great profusion the first 
year. Pkt., 15 seeds, 8 cts. 

Balsam Apple . 

A beautiful climbing plant with apple-shaped fruity, which, if 
preserved in alcohol, make the most useful liniment. Pkt., 10 
seeds, 3 cts. 

Carnations , Perennial Varieties. 

Indispensable plants for both pot culture in 
the greenhouse. window garden and open ground 
culture in summer; of innumerable colors and 
delicious perfume. The plants may be set in the 
open ground during the summer, where they 
will flower as profusely as when grown in pots 
in the house. Half hardy perennials. 

Double Mixed— Producing many double flowers 
of all shades and colors. Pkt ., 100 seeds, 8 cts . 

Extra Fine Double Mixed— Seeds saved from 
the finest and choicest German, French, Italian 
and English stocks. Pkt., 100 seeds, 10 cts. 

Grenadln Scarlet— Very Early, habit dwarf 
and compact, brilliant double scarlet flowers. 
Pkt., 100 seeds, 10 cts. 

Grenadln White- Double early flowering, 
white, Pkt., 100 seeds, 10 cts. 

Cocclnea Indlca. 

A remarkable pretty 
climber. Ivy-like foliage, 
bright and luxuriant, nev- 
er troubled with insects, 
and admirably adapted 
for trellises, arbors, etc. 
The small flowers are soon 
followed by numerous 
fruits two inches long, 
which turn to brilliant 
scarlet, spotted with white 
rendering the vine very 
pretty. Pkt., 25 seeds , 
5 cts. 

Calceolaria t hybrid a 

A favorite and univer- 
sally admired plant, re- 
markable for their large, 
beautifully, spotted blos- 
soms, which are very 
showy, and from which an 
almost countless number 
of hybrids have been rais- 
ed. They are perennial, 
are grown in pots in the 
conservatory .greenhouses 
and gardens. Mixed col- 
ors. Pkt., 200 seeds, 10c . 

A magnificent class of Carnations that will bloom in 
four months after sowing the seed. They are without ex- 
ception the most abundant bloomer of all the “pinks." 
The flowers are of brilliant colors, ranging through 
many beautiful shades of reds, pinks, white, variegated, 
etc. It is a most valuable acquisition, as Carnation 
flowers can be had all summer and winter, if consecu- 
tive sowings are made. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 

Centrosema Grandlflora. 

A hardy perennial vine which will bloom in June or 
July from seed sown in April, and bears in the greatest 
profusion inverted, pea-shaped flowers from l/4to2j A 
inches in diameter, ranging in color from a rosy-violet 
to a reddish purple, with a broad feathered white mark- 
ing through the center, while the large buds and back 
of the flowers are pure white, making it appear as if one 
plant bore many different colored flowers at one time. 
Pkt., 25 seeds, 5 cts. 

New Dwarf 

One of the 
most popular 
of bedding 
plants, while 
even single 
specimens are 
most attractive 
in the garden. 
They will 
bloom the first 
year from seed, 
if you soak 
them in boiling 
water over 
night; sow 
singly in small 
pots as soon as 
conven ieni 
and grow as 
rapidly as pos- 
sible. The roots 
can be kept in 
the cellar over 
winter and 
each clump 
will give six to 
eight good 
roots for plant- 
ing out the fol- 
lowing spring. 
Pkt., 1 5 seeds, 
5 cts., oz., 25 


Tall— Old Type 

A mixture of 
all the best 
tall growing 
varieties. Pkt., 
12 seeds, 4c., 
oz., 20 cts . 

Canary-Bird Flower— Tropaeolum Canarlensls. 

One of the most beautiful annual climbers, with bright green fol- 
iage, delicately cut and very ornamental. The flowers are bright golden 
yellow, bearing a fanciful resemblance to birds with expanded wings. 
Succeeds best in a cool, slightly shaded situation; also does well as a 
pot or basket plant for the window or conservatory. Pkt., 30 seeds, 5c. 

Crozy's New Dwarf Cannas, 

Giant Empress Candytuft . 

A magnificent variety with enormous flat- 
tened heads of large pure white florets. Good 
stems. Pkt., ISO seeds, 5 cts. 

Candytufts , 

Hardy Perennial , 


A profuse white blooming 
hardy perennial, coming in 
flower early in the spring. 
Much used for cemeteries, 
rockeries, etc., 1 foot. Pkt., 
100 seeds, 0 cts. 

Candytuft, Snow Queen 

A valuable and distinct 
species of great beauty. It is 
an annual variety and grows 
very rapidly, quickly coming 
into bloom, remaining in full 
flower for about three months. 
It bears but little foliage, and 
the mass of white produced 
makes it useful for borders. 
Pkt., 150 seeds, 5 cts. 

Candytuft, Mixed. 

All colors. Pkt., 200 seeds, 
3 cts. 

For list of 



A copy ol which 
will be sent Ires 
on application, 
and address all 
orders to 


Campanula ( Canterbury Bells). 

Well-known popular perennials, producing bell- 
shaped flowers of many different colors very freely 
throughout the summer. Single Mixed, Pkt., 200 
seeds, 4 cts. 

Campanula, Double Mixed. 

Note— T he seed saved from double flowers will always 
produce some single flowers, no matter how careful 
the selection. Pkt., 200 seeds, 5 cts. 

L. Shryoclt. W.aitngton Spring,, March .11, 1905, write,: Tour 

Mammoth Vurhtna aro certainly worthy of the name. I hail last year 
tlie loveliest bed vorblnas in tlio country. 

Centaurea Imperlalls. 

Centaurea Imperials is of the easiest culture and flowers con- 
tinually from early spring until. fall. Flowers are double the size 
of Centaurea Marguerite, of various tints and colors, pure white, 
lilac, rose, purple and dark red, supported on long stems, which 
renders them very desirable for cut flowers and corsage bouquets. 
They have the same delicate odor and form as the Centaurea Mar- 
guerite. Mixed colors. Pkt., 75 seeds, 6 cts. 

Centaurea Marguerite. 

The most fragrant and longest keeping cut flower. One of the 
most valuable introductions of late years. The flowers are the 
size of a medium Carnation, freely produced on long stems, which 
renders them valuable for cutting; color pure white, pale sulphur- 
yellow and lavender. The flowers are sweet-scented, and their 
lasting quality after being cut is remarkable. The plants grow 
about eighteen inches high and are of the easiest culture; from 
spring-sown seed they commence to flower in July and continue 
until late in the autumn. The novelty is entirely distinct from all 
other Centaureas, and undoubtedly the most beautiful variety 
known. Mixed colors. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 

Cineraria , Mybrlda. 

One of the most popular of all green-house plants, and what a 
splendid display they make when well grown. I know of no plant 
so easily grown as the Cineraria. The secret of growing well is to 
grow fast, never allowing them to receive a check, either from 
being pot bound, dryness of root, or attack of insects; the cooler 
they are kept the better. In colors they range from crimson, 
magenta, violet, purple and variegated. J^arge flowering mixed. 
Pkt., 200 seeds, 8 cts. 

ttokhia Scoparia or Summer Cypress. 

The plants grow freely from seed sown in the open ground, 
when the trees are coming out in leaf, and from the earliest stage 
of growth in the spring until they reach maturity in the fall the 
plants are always of globe-like form. The plants branch freely, and 
stems are clothed with slender light green leaves. Early in the fall 
the ends of shoot9 are thickly set with small bright-scarlet flowers, 
—the bushy plants resembling balls ofjire. The plants are equally 
showy, planted singly to show the round ball-like form on all sides, 
or grown in continuous rows or hedges. Pkt., 200 seeds, 5 cts. 


New Early Blooming Cosmos, Dawn. 

This beautiful new strain produces abundantly well- 
formed lovely flowers of large size ; pure white, pink 
and crimson in color. It can be had in bloom from July 
to November and grows freely everywhere, Pkt., IUU 
seeds, 5 cts. 

Cosmos Hybrldus. 

Seed sown in April or May and transplanted to open 
ground will produce plants five or six feet high by Sep- 
tember and from then uutil November will be covered 
with hundreds of blossoms, three inches across resem- 
bling single Dahlias. All colors mixed. Pkt., too 
seeds, 5 cts. 

Cosmos, White Pearl. 

Large, pure white flowers; very valuable for florists. 
Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 

Cosmos, Pure Pink. 

Beautiful large flowers, of a clear, delicate pink color. 
Pkt.,1100 seeds, 5 cts. 

Cyclamen, Perslcum. 

Well-known bulbous rooted plants, universal favorites 
as pot plants for winter and spring blooming, produc- 
ing handsome red and white flowers, with beautiful 
variegated foliage, in different shades of green. The 
seed should he sown in the spring, and by autumn will 
produce a bulb which will blossom the following spring. 
Mixed. Pkt., 25 seeds, 5 cts. 

Cyclamen, Clganteum. 

Flowers of extraordinary size, and of great substance. 
The leaves are proportionately large, and beautifully 
marked. Pkt., 25 seeds, 8 cts. 

Cypress Vine. 

A most beautiful vine with delicate fern-like foliage 
and beautiful star-shaped rose, scarlet and white flow- 
ers. Seed very slow to 6tart growth. All colors mixed. 
Pkt., 50 seeds, 3 cts. 

Cleome Pungens, The Giant Spider Plant. 

A robust plant growing vigorously four to five feet 
high unaffected by wind or weather, and flowering pro- 
fusely and continuously for months. The flowers are 
very showy, bright rose color; grows lreely from seed 
sown in the open ground, thrives luxuriantly, and 
blooms all summer, no matter how unfavorable the 
season may be. Jt is also one of the best honey producing 
Plants, and should be planted liberally by all bee- 
keepers. Pkt. ,200 seeds, 5 cts. 0z.25cts. 

Calendula, Double Yellow. 

Flowers extra large and very double, slightly imbricated, while 
those of the center are in-curved like the petals of a Peony. Color, 
bright golden yellow or orange. From seed sown in the open 
ground it comes into flower early. Pkt., 100 seeds, 4 cts . 

Calllopsis , Lanceolate . (Perennial) 

Graceful and profuse blooming plant, with large, striking flow- 
ers of a brilliant golden yellow, and remains in bloom all summer. 
Its long wiry stems fit it admirably for bouquet making, while its 
golden cloud of blooms, far above the foliage, make it a capital 
bedder. Pkt, , 200 seeds, 4 cts . 

Food . 

Has no 
equal for 
i m proving 
Palms, Rub- 
ber Plants 
and Ferns, 
produc i ng 
growth and 
re n ew i n g 
the green. 

By mall, 

25 cts . 

New Double Calllopsis . 

A handsome double variety, flowers of a rich golden yellow col- 
or, with wine-maroon spots. Pkt,, 200 seeds, 5 cts. 

Calllopsis or Coreopsis Single. 

Very handsome and showy plants of the easiest culture, require 
no care and thrive in any garden. Produce flowers in nearly 
every shade of yellow, orange, crimson, red, brown. It is one of 
those flowers which will grow in .any situation and always be 
greatly admited. Mixed colors. Pkt., 200 seeds, 4 cts. 

Mrs. Silas H. Harris, So. Windham, Maine, March 3, 1905, writes— I was much 
pleased with the results from using Sulpho Tobacco soap. I find it the beat thing 
I have ever usod. 

Clematis , Panlculta . 

Japanese Virgin's Bower, Hardy Perennial , 

This is one of the few really pood hardy climbers, The leaves 
are of a bright, glossy green, and when in bloom it astonishes 
with the quantity of flowers, the plant being completely hidden 
beneath a blanket of white hawthorn-scented blossoms; a 
grand plant for piazzas, fences, in fact, any position where a 
climber is wanted; it is just the thing for covering terraces or 
embankments, does equally well in sunshine or shade, and 
stands unrivaled as a plant for the cemetery. Soak the seed in 
warm water for 24 hours before sowing. Pkt,, 50 seeds, 8 cts. 

See page 48 for premium offer for best lawn planted with 
Miss Lippincott's seeds in season of 1906. 


One of the best known and most universally admired 
ornamental foliage plants, in an endless variety of 
colors and shadings, indispensible for ribbon and car- 
pet bedding, or as single specimens. Coleus seed 
germinates easily, and success is as sure as with an 
ordinary annual. Pkt,, 200 seeds , 5 cts. 

Cockscomb, Queen of Dwarfs. 

This is the best dwarf-growing Cockscomb ; the plants 
only grow about eight inches high, are firmly set in the 
crown with well-balanced, large heads, ten to twelve 
inches across. They grow very uniformly and present 
an unusually solid effect in color, which is rich, ruby 
red, of extreme brilliancy. Pkt,, 200 seeds, 5 cts. 

Chrysanthemum, or French Marguerites. 

Annual varieties much grown for cut flowers. The plants grow twelve 
to eighteen inches high and produce on long stems beautiful large flowers 
of many bright colors. They flower all summer in the garden, and make 
elegant pot plants for winter flowering. Pkt., 100 seeds , 3 cts . 

Chrysanthemum, Inodorum Plenlsslmum. 

Although a perennial, it flowers abundantly the first year from seed, 
each plant producing hundreds of beautiful, perfectly double, snow-white 
flowers unsurpassed for bouquets. It remains in bloom all summer, and is 
in all respects one of the handsomest and most valuable of flowers. Pkt., 
150 seeds, 5 cts . 

Chrysanthemum, Fancy Perennial . 

From the best Incurved, Pompone, Japanese, Chinese and Anemone- 
flowered varieties. Seed sown in the hot-bed in February or March, or 
even April, will give plants that will bloom in August or September, and 
cannot fail, with proper care, to give magnificent flowers in a wonderful 
variety of colors and forms. Pkt,, 100 seeds, 8 cts. 


A beautiful, large, bell-shaped flower, green at 
first, but rapidly changing to a beautiful deep 
violet-blue. ▲ well established plant will run 
30 to 40 feet a Mason. Pkt., 20 sssds, 8 sis. 

(U CO 


<U O.K* 
-Q 0/Q 




sJ a 




j y in 


a: o2 

k. o'O 

The Blue Daisy , Agathea Coelestls. 

The flowers are the very counterpart of the Paris Daisy, which 
is sky blue with a yellow disc. It makes a very pretty object for 
summerdecoration in the flower garden : of easy growth and the 
plant may be had in flower all the year ’round. It is allied to 
Cinerari, and requires about the same treatment. A fine winter 
bloomer. Pkt ., 200 seeds, 5 cts. 

Orange Daisy, Erlgeron Aurantlca. 

A beautiful perennial plant, somewhat resembling an Aster, 
but having the ray-florets in several series ; flower heads flat, about 
two inches across, bright orange color, on strong stout stems. 
They are of very easy culture in common garden soil and form 
elegant subjects for mixed borders. In a moist, well drained situ- 
ation will flower the first season if started early in the house. 
Pkt., 200 seeds, S cts. 

Shasta Daisy — One-Half Natural Size. 

THE SHASTA DAISY is one of the most marvelous productions 
in the flower line that has ever been brought to the notice of flori- 
culturists. It is the first of a new type, which has been obtained 
by first combining the free-flowering American species with the 
large, but coarse European species and the Japanese species, Nip- 

ponicum, after which rigid selection through a series of years has 
produced the present wonderfully beautiful and useful strain. Its 
first qualification is hardiness; it can be grown out of doors by 
anybody where it is not cold enough to kill oak trees. It is peren- 
nial, blooming better and more abundantly each season. It can 
be multiplied rapidly by simple division, and it is not particular 
as to soil. It blooms for several months. The flowers are ex- 
tremely large and graceful, averaging about four inches in diame- 
ter. with three or more rows of petals of the purest glistening 
whiteness, and are borne on single, strong, stiff, wiry stems, nearly 
two feet in length. The blooms when cut remain perfectly fresh 
and in good condition for two weeks or more. No other flower 
can compare with it in usefulness. Pkt., 100 seeds , 10 cts. 

l» d 
O « L. 

« ,S£i 

- a 

$ o cuo 

U ■£ 

"5 S °5 

u d wtq 

« « 2*; 
u £ rt O 

2 S”S 

c “g.5 

Co V •o 

^ _ a -a 
«. — « o 
® ft" 
■w u S 

•2 « °"g 
-J £ u o 

*» £ W 

Delphi num , or Larkspur. 

Delphlnum, Larkspur. 

Well known annuals of great beau- 
ty and remarkable for the richness of 
thdr colors, and for large gardens 
are invaluable. Mixed, Pkt., 200 
seeds, 5 cts. 

Delphlnum, Formosum. 

A hardy, perennial variety, flowers 
bright blue with white center. Pkt ., 

200 seeds, 5 cts. 

Dollchos, Hyacinth Bean . 

This beautiful annual climber 
should have a place in every flower 
garden. It is of very rapid growth. 

pkt. 30 seeds, 5 cts. 

DOLICnOS, (Hyacinth Beau) 

Double Daisy. Beilis Perennls. 

Daisies are easily grown from spring sown seed and come 
into flower in a very short time. The flowers are white, pink, 
red and variegated. Not all will come double from seed. Finest 
mixed. Pkt., 200 seeds, 5 cts. 

New Snowball Daisy • 

A beautiful white flowered variety having very long stems 
with large double flowers, about eighty- per cent of which arc 
extremely double. Pkt., 200 seeds, 5 cts. 

Dlanthus, or Chinese Pinks . Best Mixed. 

One of the most useful and desirable plants, and for beauty and 
variety of colors and markings cannot be surpassed, ranging from 
pure white to the most delicate pink and glowing deep crimson. 
A bed of these in the flower garden will make a grand display at 
small cost. The mixture I offer includes, besides the standard 
sorts, all the new and^ brightest colors in spotted, striped and 
handsomely fringed varieties of late introduction, both single and 
double. I guarantee it will give satisfaction with any other strain 
offered. Pkt., 150 seeds , 5 cts . 

Dlanthus , Heddewlggll. Finest Single Mixed. 

Flowers two or three inches in diameter. Most beautiful and 
brilliant colors. Pkt., 150 seeds, 5 cts. 

Dlanthus, Dwarf Fireball. 

The mo't brilliant annual pink in cultivation ; the plants are 
constantly covered with blood-red, perfectly double, laciniated 
flowers until checked by severe frosts. Pkt., 150 seeds, 5 cts. 

Dlanthus, Dwarf Snowball . 

This beautiful dwarf variety belongs to the" Heddewiggii class 
of Dianthus. The plants are very compact dwarf growth and are 
covered with lovely, spotless, snow-white flowers very full and 
double. From its dwarf growth it is very attractive for edgings, 
while the flowers are also very useful for cutting for bouquets. 
Pkt., 150 seeds, 5 cts. 

New Large-Flowered Dwarf Double Hybrid Pinks. 

The plants grow only nine to ten inches high, with extra large 
double flowers, frequently measuring three inches across — of per- 
fect form and brilliant colors, ranging from pure white to deep 
crimson, while many are beautifully variegated and fantastically 
marked. Blooming freely the first season. Pkt., 150 seeds, 5 cts. 

Dlanthus, Plumarlus, Pheasant’s-Fye Pink. 

Dianthus, Plumarius, is the old-fashioned Grass Pink. It is 
perfectly hardy, blooms very profusely in early summer, and is 
admirable on account of its delicacy, showiness, and ti agrance. 
Its use either as a cemetery or garden flower is always satisfactory. 
Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 

Dahlia, Double. 

Everyone knows and admires the Double Dahlia 
but comparatively few are aware that it can be grown 
so easily from seed, and flowers so beautifully the first 
season that the purchase of bulbs is a needless expense 
Choice mixed, Pkt., SO seeds, 5 els. 

Dahlia, blew Striped Single. 

The extra large single flowers, quite four Inches in 
diameter, comprises a wonderful variety of colors, beau- 
tifully striped, flaked, mottled and dotted in a grotesque 
and charming manner. Pkt., 40 seeds, 3 cts 

=25 c= 
Per Pair 



For Gardening 

Every lady 
should have a 
pair of Rubber 
M ittens for 

They cost 
only 25 cts. per 
pair, and will 
keep the hands 
soft and white. 
Try them and 
you will never 
be without 


to plant a bed 
of Diauthus 
You will be 
more than 
pleased with 
results; the 
largest and 
moat perfect 
blossoms, the 
most beautiful 
and brilliant 

Cactus Dahlia. 

A new class of broad-petaled double flowers, es- 
teemed by many the finest of all. Very distinct and 
extra for cutting. Pkt., SO seeds, 10 cts. 

Digitalis, Fox Clove. 

A handsome and ornamental hardy perennial of 
stately growth for shrubberies and half shady places. 
Pkt., 300 seeds, 3 cts. 

Fuchsia, Double and Single Mixed. 

Fuchsias are as easily grown from seed as from cut 
cuttings, and from seed many new varieties are obtained. 
They will flower freely the first year in the open ground, 
while the plants can be taken into the house in the winter, 
where they will flower still more freely. The seed I offer 
has been saved from the very finest double and single var- 
ieties. Pkt., 30 seeds , 10 cts. 

Mre. R. S. Kimball, Glbeland, La., writes, Feb. 25, 1905.— I like your 

seed so much. By Dwarf Nasturtiums ware admired by everyone that saw 


Datura, Cornucopia, ••Horn of Plenty.” 

Discovered in South Africa by a collector of Orchids. The plant is of 
robust habit, with thick, dark brown-purple, shining stems. The branches 
are numerous, spreading three or four feet; thick, large, dark green 
colored leaves. The flowers are trumpet-shaped, measuring eight or ten 
inches in length and five to seven inches across the mouth, and form 
three distinct flowers growine each zvilhiti the other. The mouth oi corolla 
is the most delicate white, beautifully marked with royal purple. A single 
plant gives from 200 to 300 fragrant blooms during the season, followed by 
a large thorny seed vessel, which adds to its beauty; is of the easiest cul- 
ture; plant at the end of May in a warm, rich soil; can be cultivated as an 
isolated specimen, in masses, for center of beds, or to fill barren places, 
and produce a striking effect. Pkt., 15 seeds, 5 cts . 

Eschscholtzla, California Poppy . 

Hardy annual, growing about one foot high, bearing a profusion of 
rich yellow flowers about two inches in diameter, making a bla^e of color 
in the sunshine and fully as valuable as the common poppy for garden 
ornamentation, and as easily grown. Pkt., 400 seeds, 5 cts . 

If ary C. Pugh, Centerville, Dol., Apr. 17, 1905, writes : The ■code I bought of you laat year 
•11 turned out true to Dims. Tha Aeter* and Dahlias were certainly beautiful. 

Forget-Me-Not, “Victoria.” 

Of stout and bushy habit of growth, bearing umbels of large 
bright, azure, blue flowers, with central double blooms, and when 
fully grown, is quite globular in shape and perfectly covered with 
flowers. This beautiful Forget-Me-Not is the best for carpet bed- 
ding, edgings and masses, and for growing in pots. Pkt., 200 
seeds, 5 cts. 

Feverfew, Double, Matricaria Exlmla. 

A fine old-fashioned bedding plant; also suitable for pot cul- 
ture. It grows about eighteen inches high, with numerous branch- 
ing flower stems, which are literally covered with very double, 
pure white flowers an inch in diameter. The great profusion of 
fine flowers with long, slender stems, makes it valuable to grow 
for cut flowers, and as desirable as a good Aster. Blooms until 
frost. Pkt., 200 seeds, S cts. 

Mr«. A. J. Russell, Rutland, Vt., Marsh 13 , 1905 , writes: My psnty bad lest yesr 
from your seeds of Masterpiece end Modems Ferret were e wonder to everyone who 
i»w mem. 


Coded a, Finest Mixed . 

Beautiful hardy annuals, remarkable for the delicacy of their 
very fine large blossoms; flowers deep lose pink, rosy carmine, 
snow-white with bright carmine rose spots, carmine, crimson, 
lilac with purple and white. Pkt., 200 seeds, 3 cts . 

Gourds , Ornamental. 

Tender, annual climbers, with curiously shaped fruit in var- 
ious colors, many of which are peculiarly marked. Pkt., 25 seeds, 
3 cts . 

G a ilia ad la , New Double a 

Targe, double flowers, valuable for cutting. The colors em- 
brace sulphur, golden yellow, orange, amaranth and claret. Pkt., 
150 seeds, 4 cts . 

Geranium, Finest Mixed* 

The most popular plant grown, either for pot culture in winter 
or for bedding out in summer. No flowering plants are more 
grown and certainly none are more suitable for large beds, where 
a mass of bloom is desired, or for single specimens in pots for the 
house. But a few are aware that they can be grown easily from 
• eed, and flower the first season if sown early, and will frequently 
reward the cultivator with charming new varieties; in fact propa- 
gation by seed is the only sure way to obtain new varieties. The seed 
I offer has been saved from twenty-five of the finest varieties 
grown. There can be no finer mixed Geranium, and it cannot fail 
to bring forth some splendid new varieties. Pkt., 50 seeds, 10 cts t 

GERANIUM— Good Mixed. Pkt., 30 seeds, $ els. 

Geranium . 

Apple - scent- 
ed leaves de- 
lightfully fra- 
grant, highly 
prized for bou- 
quets. P k t., 
30 seeds, 10c, 

Ice Plant . 


A handsome 
and curious 
plant, forhang- 
rock work and 
vases. .The 
leaves and 
stems appear 
as though cov- 
ered with icy 
cr y s ta 1 s and 
look like rock; 
cand y. The 
whole plant is 
peculiarly bril- 
liant in the 
sunshine. Pkt,, 
200 seeds, 3c. 

This^ most dis- 
tinct and beau- 
tiful plant- is 
almost a per- 
petual bloom- 
er. The flowers 
are of a bril- 
liant rosy scar- 
let color, and 
are produced 
so freely that 
a f u 11-gr own 
specimen ap- 
pears to be a 
ball of flowers, 
and continues 
in full beauty 
severT months. 
Pkt. J200seeds, 

Gloxinia • 

The Gloxinia is a grand flower and makes a lovely 
pot plant as easily grown and cared for as many of 
the common flowers. The handsome, bell-shaped 
flowers embrace a great variety of the richest and 
most beautiful colors, ranging from pure white to 
dark blood-red, pink, blush, lavender, indigo blue, 
marbled and spotted. They will bloom in four to 
five months from time seed ia sown. Pkt,, 100 
seeds, 10 cts • 

Hellchrysum . 

A very popular everlasting, large, full double flow- 
ers of various colors, from bright yellow to scarlet, 
shaded and tipped. Handsome bouquets maybe 
formed of them for winter, if blosaoms are gathered 
when on the point of expanding. Pkt,, 100 seeds 
3 cts. 

Humulus Japonlcus. Variegated Japanese Hop. 

One of the most rapid climbers grown; seeds can be sown in 
the open ground in the spring and it will attain enormous dimen- 
sions very quickly.^ The foliage is luxuriant and variegated. It is 
one of the best plants for covering verandas and trellises Heat, 
drouth and insects do not trouble it. Pkt ., 30 seeds, 4 cts . 

Hollyhocks, Single . 

Mixed colors. Pkt., 50 seeds, 5 cts. 

Hollyhock, Prize Double, 

The perfect doubleness of the magnificent, large flowers will 
please the most critical. All the best colors from deep yellow, red 
rose, light buff, carmine scarlet, flesh color, creamy white tinted 
with rose, purple, yellow on dark ground, crimson flaked with 
salmon, cherry red, cream on violet ground, lilac on brown ground, 
dark crimson to pure white, also black. If sown early in March or 
April, the plants will bloom the first year. All colors mixed. Pkt., 
50 seeds, 5 cts. 

Hollyhocks, Double Alleghany. 

Of many rich colors, the grand double flowers of this new strain 
are remarkable for their extra large size and novel forms. The 
hardy plants remain long in bloom. Pkt,, 50 seeds, 5 cts. 


Heliotrope is a universal favorite on account of its delightful 
fragrance and duration in bloom, flowering equally well as bed- 
ding plants in summer, or as pot plants in the house during the 
winter. Seed sown in the spring makes fine plants for bedding 
out, and are as easily grown as verbenas. Pkt ., 150 seeds , 5 cts. 

heliotrope, Lemolne’s Giant. 

Of vigorous growth and producing heads of flowers double the 
size of the old sort. Pkt., 150 seeds, 6 cts. 

hibiscus, Golden Bowl. 

This is a plant which grows about two feet high and begins to 
bloom early from spring-sown seed, the enormous flower measur- 
ing five or six inches across, beautifully cupped and of the most 
exquisite, soft canary yellow, with a large black center. These 
beautiful flowers are borne in great profusion all summer, and if 
the plants are potted before frost, will continue to bloom m the 
window all winter. Pkt., 30 seeds, 6 cts. 

Hellanthus, Sunflower. (Clobosus Flstulosus.) 

The best and most effective of all annual sunflowers; flowers 
immense, from twelve to fifteen inches in diameter globular and 
extremely double. Of easy culture as well as showy, fht., JO 
seeds, 3 els. 


Well-known shrubby plants, with clusters of 
verbena-like flowers, and producing; their pink, 
yellow, orange and white heads in great abundance. 
They have an agreeable aromatic perfume. Mixed. 

i Pkt., 30 seeds , 5 cts. 

Lavender , Old-Fashioned Sweet . 

A well-known, sweet scented, hardy perennial, 
bearing long spikes of blue flowers. Pkt ., 200 
seeds, 5 cts . 

Lobelia, Star of Ischi. 


A very valuable and beauti- 
ful class of mostly dwarf 
growing plants ; their delicate 
drooping habit, and the pro- 
fusion of their charming little 
blue and white flowers render 
them exceedingly ornamental Llnaria , Kenilworth Ivy. 

for vases or hanging baskets 

and rockeries, blooming from A very pretty and well-known hardy perennial 
June to November, while for trailing plant, for covering rock work and very use- 
border cultivation they are ful for hanging baskets. The flowers are small but 
equally effective. Mixed col- pretty, and for a drooping plant, nothing can be 
ors. Pkt., 300 seeds, 3 cts. better, as it is easily grown from seed. Pkt., 200 
seeds, 5 cts. 

Lobelia, Star of Ischi. 

Of very dwarf, erect growth, 
forming dense balls of charm- 
ing azure blue flowers. Pkt., 
200 seeds, 4 cts. 

Lobelia, White Gem. 

The best dwarf white var- 
iety. Pkt., 200 seeds, 4 cts . 

Llnum, Crimson Flax. 

Excellent for clumps or edgings and one of the 
best and most showy hardy annuals for bedding. 
May be raised in any quantity from seeds sown in 
March or April where the plants are intended to 
flower. They are not at all fastidious regarding 
soil, doing well in any ordinary garden. Pkt., 1 00 
seeds, 3 cts . 

Mignonette , Machet . True . 

An entirely new and distinct sort of great merit. It is of dwarf 
and vigorous growth with massive spikes of deliciously scented 
red flowers. Pkt., 200 seeds , 4 cts. 

Mignonette, Golden Queen. 

Very fine variety, flowers of golden hue; highly effective; of 
dense pyramidal habit and deliciously fragrant. Pkt., 200 seeds, 
4 cts. _ , 

Mignonette, New Giant Red. 

The flower spikes are of the largest size, unequalled by any 
other variety, while the color is uniform and strikingly distinct 
red. Pkt., 200 seeds, 4 cts . 

Mignonette, Giant White. 

Similar to Giant Red in size of spike c , but in color pure white 
and is quite showy in growth. Not as fragrant as the colored vari- 
eties. Pkt., 200 seeds, 4 cts. 

Mignonette, Sweet. Reseda Odorata. 

A favorite on account of its fragrance. Pkt., 200 seeds, 3 cts.; 
oi., 8 cts. 

Imperial Japanese Morning Glories . 

They measure from four to six inches across, and their greater 
substance causes them to remain open much longer than ordinary 
Morning Glories. The colors of the flowers, shadings and mark- 
ings are limitless and are really wonders of nature, of such incom- 
parable beauty that descriptions are inadequate. Pkt., Single and 
Double Mixed, 100 seeds, 5 cts. 

Jail Morning Glories, Old-Fashioned . 

All colors mixed. Pkt., 75 seeds, 3 cts.; oz., 8 cts. 

Moonflower. (Tpomaa Nocti flora.) 

It bears lovely white flowers 5 to 6 in. in diameter, with a five- 
pointed star in the center; the flowers open at dusk, or earlier on 
cloudy days, at which time they are deliciously fragrant. Start 
the seed in the house and set it out as early as safe in the spring. 
Pkt., 10 seeds, 7 cfs. 

Mina Lobata. 

Half hardy Mexican climbing annual. The buds are at first of 
vivid red, but turn to orange-yellow immediately before they open, 
and when fully expanded the flowers are of a creamy white shade. 

Pkt., 12 seeds, 4 cts. 

Marigold, The Eldorado. 

The large bushy plants are each a ball of brilliant colors, many 
single plants having seventy-five flowers in bloom at one time. 
The flowers are from 3 to 4 inches in diameter, imbricated and 
perfectly double. They embrace four shades of color— the lightest 
primrose, lemon, golden yellow and deep orange. Pkt., 100 seeds, 
4 cts. 

Dwarf Marigold, Gilt Edge. 

The center of the flower is a rich, velvety, deep, black-brown 
surrounded by a bright golden ring. The edges of the petals are 
slightly undulated, which greatly adds to its pleasing appearance. 

Pkt., 100 seeds, 4 cts. 

Marigold, French Mixed. 

A class of showy and extremely effective plants, with fine double 
flowers of rich and beautiful colors; very well adapted for large 
beds and bordering. Pkt. ,100 seeds, 4 cts. 

Marigold, Legion of Honor. Dwarf Single. 

The blooms are of medium size, rich, golden-yellow, with the 
center of each petal broadly marked with velvety crimson brown 
and with clustering stamens in bright shades of orange yellow. 
Blooms abundantly from July until cut down by frost. So easily 
raised from seed that I strongly recommend it to everyone, Pkt., 
100 seeds, 4 cts. 

Mini ulus, Monkey Flower, 

Tender looking: plants with singularly shaped and brilliantly 
colored flowers, blotched and spotted in every conceivable man- 
ner. Excellent for baskets or vases, while they thrive well in the 
open garden. Fine hybrid mixed. Pkt., 150 seeds, 3 cts. 

Mlmulus Moschatus , Musk Plant. 

A well known and favorite plant. Cultivated on account of the 
Musky odor of the plant. Pkt., 150 seeds t 3 cts. 

Mimosa, Sensitive Plant. 

An interesting and curious plant. The leaves will close and 
droop at the slightest touch. Mostly grown as a curiosity. Pkt., 
12 seeds, 3 cts. 

Marvel of Peru, Four-O’clock. 

It is one of the most brilliant and showy plants that can be 

f rown, with little or no trouble. Finest mixed. Pkt., 25 seeds 

Mexican Mountain Rose. 
Antlgonon Annual. 

Flowers which are of rich carmine scarlet shade, are borne in 
great clusters the entire length of tbe viue. It is a beautiful and 
rapid growing climber and valuable alike for the shade it affords 
and for the blossoms it produces. Pkt., 25 seeds, 6 cts. 


A beautiful, rapid, graceful climber, for greenhouse, parlor .bas- 
ket, or outdoor purposes, with rich purple, white and rose, fox- 
glove-shaped blossoms. Pkt., 100 seeds, 3 cts. 

ISIcotlana Sanderae. 

This new hardy annual resembles the popular Nicotiana Affinis 
in growth and size of flowers. The plants, however, branch more 
freely and bloom much more profusely. The flowers ar e a rich 
glowing rosy carmine and have a lovely delicate jessamine-like fra- 
grance. Per pkt., 15 cts. 

Nicotiana Afflnls. 

When its large, pure white flowers are fully expanded in the 
evening and early morning, it has a most striking effect, and is so 
fragrant that a small bed will perfume the whole surround- 
ing atmosphere. If the plants are taken up in the fall, cutback 
and potted, they will bloom freely all winter in the house. Pkt., 
251 seeds, 5 cts. 

Nlgella, Love-ln-a-MIst. 

Hardy annual, known as "Devil-in-Bush” and “hady-in-Green” 
because the blossoms are partially concealed by the abundance of 
finely cut foliage. The plant and flower are both handsome and 
require but little care. Pkt., 75 seeds, 3 cts. 

Ornamental Grasses. 

All the annual varieties mixed, many of them being really 
handsome in growth, and all of them desirable for winter bouquets, 
if cut while green and dried in the shade. Large Pkt., 4 cts. 
Oenothera, Evening Primrose. 

Saucer-shaped flowers of various colors and enormous size, 
often as large as Moouflower; very striking and fragrant. Pkt., 

100 seeds, 3 cts. 


It is not generally known that these annual varieties of Oxalis 
are fully equal for edgings to the variety grown from bulbs. 
Mixed colors. Pkt., 100 seeds, 3 cts. 

Nasturtiums, Dwarf. Finest Mixed. 

The best ever produced and not surpassed for gorgeousness of 
colors and brilliancy of effect, embracing every known good sort. 
In Dwarf Nasturtiums I consider my special mixed the best that 
money can buy. It is made up especially for critical buyers that 
have the money to spend for the best only. Dwarf Nasturtiums 
now rank with Sweet Peas aud Pansies as a favorite and fashion- 
able flower. Pkt., 30 seeds, 5 els.; oz., 12 els.; 'A lb., 40 cts. 

Good Mixed. 

The same grade as is usually sold, and very fine. Pkt., 20 
seeds, 3 cts.; oz., 8 cts. 

Dwarf Nasturtiums, Golden Queen. 

Golden-yellow flowers on golden foliage, Pkt., 30 seeds, 5 cts.; 

oz., 15 cts. 

Dwarf Nasturtiums. Crystal Palace Gem. 

Rich sulphur-yellow, spotted with carmine. Pkt., 30 seeds, 
5 cts.; oz., 15 cts. 

Dwarf Nasturtiums, Aurora. 

The ground color is a chrome-yellow, the upper petals being of 
a somewhat lighter tint, while the two lower petals are spotted, and 
veined with purplish-carmine. Pkt., 30 seeds, 5 cts,; oz., I5cts. 

Dwarf Nasturtiums, Empress of India. 

The leaves are of a dark purplish blue color, making a suitable 
back ground for the brilliant crimson-scarlet flower. Pkt., 30 
seeds, 5 cts.; oz., 15 cts. 

Dwarf Nasturtiums, Lady Bird. 

The ground color of the flower is rich golden-yellow, each petal 
barred with a broad vein of bright ruby crimson. Pkt., 30 seeds, 
5 cts.; oz., 15 cts. 

Dwarf Nasturtiums, Spotted King. 

Rich orange spotted with maroon. Pkt., 30 seeds, 5 cts.; oz., 
15 cts. 

New Tall Nasturtium, Ivy Leaved. 

This beautiful climbing Nasturtium is different from all other 
Nasturtiums, both in foliage and in flower. The plants are of 
running growth with star-like pointed leavts of rich green. 1 he 
flowers are medium size; the petals are quite narrow and stand 
well apart. Pkt., 30 seeds, 6 cts.; oz., 15 cts. 

New Climbing Nasturtiums. Madam Cunt Iter’s hybrids. 

A new section obtained by artificial hybridizing and distin- 
guished by dark colored foliage aud flowers of a richness and 

variety of coloring not to be found in any of the different classes 
of Nasturtiums heretofore grown. Colors in these new Hybrids in- 
clude various shades of rose, salmop, bright red pale yellow, etc., 
either self colored or spotted, mottled, striped and margined. 
Pkt., 30 seeds, 5 cts.; oz., 12 cts.; M lb. 40 cts. 

Tall Nasturtiums, Finest Mixed. 

I also offer a special mixture of the Tall or Climbing Nastur- 
tiums, made up on the same basis as the Dwarf Variety finest 
mixed, from the best named and brightest colors only. Pkt., 30 

I-. . ,, * 1/1 r#c 

Tall Nasturtiums, Good Mixed. 

Free bloomers and many bright colors. Pkt., 20 seeds, 3 cts.; 
8 cts 

Tall Nasturtiums , Von Moltke. 

Ruby rose. Pkt., 30 seeds, 5 cts.; oz., 15 cts. 

Tall Nasturtiums . 

Bright scarlet. Pkt., 30 seeds, 5 cts.; oz., 15 cts. 

Tall Nasturtiums, Prince henry 
Yellow mottled scarlet. Pkt., 30 seeds, 5 cts.; oz., 15 cts. 

Tall Nasturtiums, 

. Sunlight — Clear rich golden yellow flowers. measure nearly three 

inches across, and are profuse bloomers. Pkt., 25 seeds. 5 cts: 
oz., 15 cts. 

Twilight— Flowers a faint salmon orbuff tint, heavily suffused 
with rosy salmon, upper petals beautifully veined with crimson. 
Pkt., 25 seeds, 5 cts., oz.,15 cts. 

Moonlight— Beautiful light straw yellow, flowers of large size; 
a profuse bloomer. Pkt., 25 seeds, 5 cts.; oz., 15 cts. 

Midnight -Foliage deep dark green, flowers a deep brown red, 
the petals being crumpled or partially folded. Pkt., 25 seeds , 
5 cts.; oz., 15 cts. 

NOTICE— One pkt. each of the twenty varieties of Nasturtiums, 
mcluding Burpee’s four beautiful novelties for 60 cts. 


“New Giant Madame Perret." 

This novelty is specially distinguished from other Pansies by 
the plant being full and spreading with very broad and extremely 
dark green leaves. The straight and stiff stems it possesses cause 
the flowers to stand out well from the foliage. The colors of theblos- 
som range through all the shades of red, from a pink to a fine deep 
purple, with an intermediate bright red edged with white The 
face of the flowerin some cases is regularin color, while in others 
it is lined and striped. The extraordinary size of the flowers, 
which reach as much as 3 to inches in diameter, make it a nov- 
elty of the first rank, and one thet is sure to be sought after by 
lovers of Pansies. Pkt., 100 seeds, 10 cts. 

Giant Yellow Prince Pansy. 

The color is pure golden yellow, shaded canary, sometimes with 
the three lower petals marked with purplish or red blotches and 
hair lines. It is impossible to reproduce by means of the printer's 
art the grand depth of brilliant color presented by this beautiful 
Pansy when well grown. Pkt., 100 seeds, 6 cts. 

Mr.. S. Hotchkt.., Temple, Text., Fob. 9, 1905, write.— The One.t Sweet Feu 
I over law 1 grow from your .ood., six years ego et Brownwood, Texu. Your ..eda 
have always proved good and true to name. 

“ Masterpiece ” or Ruffled Pansy. 

This strain comes nearer to "Double Pansies” than anything 
ever introduced uuder that name. The number of petals is the 
same as that in other Pansy flowers, but they are crimped and 
curled in such a fashion that the flowers appear double. The 
flowers are of enormous size, often 3 inches across, and the color 
variations and combinations are odd and striking. Pkt., 100 
seeds, 10 cts. 

Giant White Spotted Pansy. 

The flowers are ver.v large, pure white with a violet blotch on 
the three lower petals, of good form and substance. Pkt.. 100 
seeds, 6 cts. 

Royal Show Pansies. 

Is a mixture especially prepared by myself from 
separate strains and colors of all the largest flow- 
ering and finest varieties that can be secured in 
Europe, and is unsurpassed in beauty, color and 
markings. Pkt., 150 seeds , 10 cts . 

Black Prince Pansy. 

A distinct pansy of sterling merit. The rich, glossy black has 
a peculiarly soft, velvety appearance; the magnificent large flowers 
are of fine circular form and carried upright well above the foliage; 
the plants are of very compact, bushy habit, and flower so pro- 
fusely that the bed of the Black Prince makes a sight not often 
equalled. Pkt., 100 seeds, 6 cts. 

Pansy , President Carnot. 

Flowers of great size and rounded form; the center of each of 
the large, rounded petals is heavily blotched with a soft, rich 
shade of violet-purple. The edges distinctly outlined with a snow- 
white band, in the center of the lower petals the color deepens to 
a velvety-brown tint, contrasting richly with the yellow of the 
small distinct eye. Pkt.. 100 seeds, 6 cts. 

New Giant Trlmardeau Pansy. 

Remarkable for the extra large size of the flowers, which, how- 
ever. are not so circular in form as the “Imperial German" or the 
“Royal Show." Pkt., 100 seeds, 6 cts. 

Sweet Scented Pansies. 

The Perfume of the Violet. The Beauty of the Pansy. 

This new class is the result of crossing the Pansy ( viola tri- 
color) with the Sweet Violet {viola cornuta)\ the resulting hybrids, 
in addition to retaining the delightful Violet. Perfume, produce the 
most beautiful Pansy-like blossoms. 2 to 2 Vt inches across, of great 
substance and of an endless variety of colors. They are not all 
equally fragrant, though the majority are as highly scented as the 
sweetest Violet, and the other high merits of this new strain, aside 
from their perfume, destine them to wide popularity. Mixed 
colors. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 


Good Mixed. Fine for bedding. Many rich colors. Pkt., 100 
seeds, 3 cts. 

R. D. Webb, 2631 Irving Avo. So., Minneapolis, Minn., Sept. 25, '05, write*:— I bought 
one-half buihel of the beet mixed lawn grass seed in April last, and must say that 
the results were most satisfactory, having obtained a perfect lawn of thick heavy 
turf which producod an oyen and uniform surface and I was able to cut the grass 
early in July, thereby giving me a lawn that was both a pleasure and an object of 
beauty, from seed the first year. 

Fire King Pansy. 

This novelty comes almost absolutely true, scarcely a plant 
bearing flowers at variance from the type, which is very distinct 
and striking. The three lower petals each have a large blotch of 
deep brown-red or magenta, margined with yellow, while the upper 
petals are of a bright reddish-brown, of a real fiery shade, warrant- 
ing the name of Fire King. Pkt.. 100 seeds, 4 cts. 

Snow Queen Pansy. 

Pure satiny white with yellow dot in center of flowers, some- 
times marked near center with faint blue or purple lines; alto- 
gether the least picturesque of any of the different classes of 
Pansies; it is very highly prized by a great many pansy lovers for 
just that reason. Pkt., 100 seeds, 4 cts. 

Peacock Pansy. 

A beautiful variety of ultramarine blue in the upper petals of 
the flower edged with a thin white line, within which is a space of 
purplish crimson, passing into a rich central blotch of deep blue, 
shading to black. Named "Peacock" because the blending colors 
resemble the feathers of a peacock. Pkt., 100 seeds, 4 cts. 

New Red Mixed Pansy. 

The most brilliant Pansy Mixture ever offered made up from a 
collection of all the best red and fiery shades which have been 
produced up to date by the expert Pansy growers of Europe and 
America. If you want red pansies try this mixture. Pkt., 100 
seeds, 5 cts. 

Emperor Frederick Pansy. 

The first color is deep, velvety brown, shaded into a narrow 
band of deep golden yellow, which borders each petal. The per- 
fect flowers show a distinct face, marking a rich gold and deep 
brown. Pkt., 100 seeds, 4 cts. 

Pansy, Emperor William. 

Ultramarine blue with violet eye. Pkt., 100 seeds, 4 cts. 

New Imperial German Pansy. 

This mixture embraces seed of over fifty colors and markings, 
and is guaranteed to equal any strain offered as Imperial German. 
Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 

NOTICE— One packet of each of the seventeen varieties (In- 
cluding New Madam Perret and Masterpiece ) of pansies for 75c. 

Petunia, Double.- 

Finest varieties carefully fecundated with 
best double flowers, and will produce from 
twenty-five to forty per cent, of double flowering 
plants. Some double, fringed in all shades of 
colors existing m Petunias and the blossoms 

pw C 2n' e s, 2 Kle ,A v,n be °‘ the graudiflora type. 

Pkt., 50 seeds, 10 cts. 

Petunia, Lady of the Lake. 

Some magnificent, double, pure white, beauti- 
lully fringed, can be obtained from this strain. 
Produces about twenty to thirty per cent of 
double flowers. Pkt., 50 seeds, 10 cts. 

Single Petunia, Snowball. 

Grows about eight inches high, with pure sat- 
iny white flowers, and makes a beautiful edging 
or bedding plant. Pkt., 100 seeds, 4 cts. 

New Star Petunia. 

An exquisite variety, either for the garden or 
pot culture, each flower having distinct white 

Pi# inn Strlp S S ’ ? n . rich P ur Pl'sh red ground. 
rkt., too seeds, 4 cts. 

Petunia, Hybrlda— Finest Mixed. 

A splendid mixture, embracing all colors 
They are excellent for bedding or massing. 

Pkt., J00 seeds, 5 cts. 

Petunia, Hybrlda— Good Mixed. 

and a good bedding variety. Pkt. . 
200 seeds, 3 cts. 

One Pkt. each of the 7 varieties 
of Petunia 35 cts. 

Portulaca, Double Flowering. 

One of the most showy and beautiful annuals, 
with abundant highly-colored flowers. For 
baskets, beds, masses or edgings it is invalu- 
able. The seed I offer has been saved with 
extra care from the finest color* and will give a 
Rood proportion of double flowers, Fht,» 600 
seeds, 5 cts . 

Petunia, Grandlflora, Large Flowering. 


The largest flowering and richest colored variety in cultivation. Single 
nowers frequently measure over 5 inches in diameter, ruffled or fringed on the 
edges and beautifully veined with various shades of purple, rose, lavender, yellow 
and crimson. Pkt., 200 seeds, 8 cts. 

Phlox Drummondll Grandlflora. 

Their long duration in bloom, combined with their almost un- 
equaled richness of color, renders them of invaluable service in 
the flower garden. The colors range in every conceivable shade, 
producing flowers twice the size of common phlox. Pkt., 200 
seeds , 6 cts. 

Mra. M . F. Draper, Rancher, Mont. , Feb. 27, 1905, writoa : Tho Aater «eed I bought 
of you last year all came up and 1 never had a nicer bed of Asters. 

Phlox, Large Flowering, Brilliant Scarlet. 

A most effectual color for bedding. Pkt., 150 seeds, 5 cts. 

Phlox, Large Flowering, Pure White. 

Large, round flowers of splendid substance. Pkt., 1 50 seeds, 5c. 

Phloxes, “Starred and Fringed.” 

These " Starred and Fringed Phloxes" are really entitled to rank 
as a new race. In the Fringed Flowers, the petals are partly fim- 
briated and partly three toothed, in more than 20 distinct shades. 
In the Starred Phloxes, the pointed central teeth of the petals are 
five or six times os long as the lateral ones and project beyond 
them like little spines, giving the flowers a star-like lorn,. Pkt., 200 
seeds, 5 cts. 

Phlox, Hortensla Flowered. 

These are undoubtedly one of the handsomest species of the 
Phlox family. The flowers are borne in large umbels, just like 
a Hydraugea. Pkt., 150 seeds, 5 cts. 

Phlox Drummondll, Good Mixed. 

Invaluable for bedding and cut flowers; an excellent strain 

Pkt., 100 seeds, 3 cts. 

Phlox, Double Flowering. 

A very desirable class. Flowers are double and semi-double and 
last much longer than those of the single phlox. The white is 
especially valuable as a cut flower. All colors mixed. Pkt,, loO 
seeds, 5 cts . 

Phlox, New Yellow. 

New yellow Phlox, is a rich straw yellow of warm and glowing 
tone, flowers extra large and fine form. Pkt,, 150 seeds, 5 cts. 

Phlox, Large Flowered. 

Pure pink. Pkt,, 150 seeds, 5 cts . 

Phlox, Perennial, Choicest Mixed. 

The variety of the perennial Phlox are among the choicest of our 
flowers for bedding and border plants. They are hardy and need 
no protection; will flourish in any soil, succeeding better, however, 
in deep, rich, rather moist ground. Pkt,, 25 seeds, 5 cts, 

NOTICE:— One packet each of the entire collection of Phlox. 
Ten packets for 35 cts , 

Poppy, White Swan. 

One of the most effective and valuable Poppies intro- 
duced for years. The plants are about 18 inches high, grow 
in very pretty bush form, crowned with flowers of enor- 
mous size, perfect form, very double and of the purest snow- 
white. Its flowering period is considerably longer than 
that of other Poppies. Pkt., 200 seeds , 5 cts. 

Poppy, the Shir- 

It is perfectly hardy 
and flowers the first 
year from seed. The 
flowers are large, ex- 
ceedingly graceful 
and elegant; the col- 
ors are pure, soft and 
varied, and range from 
blush white rose, deli- 
cate pink and car- 
mine, through innum- 
erable tints to bright 
sparkling crimson. 
Pkt,, 300 seeds, 5 cts. 

Hardy, Perennial 


c harming summer- 
flowering plant, pro- 
ducing numerous leafy 
stems about 2 Vt feet 
high, which are cov- 
ered with deep crim- 
son flowers. Pkt,, 150 
seeds, 5 cts. 

Job’s Tears. 

( Coix Lachryma. ) 

Curious, ornamental 
grass with broad, 
corn-like leaves, and 
seeds of a light slate 
color. Valuable for 
the formation of win- 
ter bouquets, in con- 
nection with everlast- 
ing flowers. Strings 
of handsome beads 
are made from the 
seeds. Hardy annual; 
three feet high. Pkt., 
30 seeds, 5 cts.;oz., 
20 cts. 

Double Poppies, Mixed. 

For dazzling richness and variety of colors, the 
flowers are unequalled. Simply scatter the seeds 
in the open ground and a mass of 
beauty will result which will be a constant source of 
pleasure. Pkt., 300 seeds, 5 cts. 

Iceland Popples. 

These fine perennial poppies produce flowers in 
great abundance the first year from the seed. The 
colors range from the purest white and yellow to 
the deepest glowing orange-scarlet, and have a de- 
licious fragrance. For vase or house decorations 
they rank among the loveliest. Mixed colors. Pkt., 
200 seeds, 5 cts. 

Scarlet Tulip, Popples . 

Large, vivid scarlet blossoms, which have a dark 
spot at the base of the petal. Pkt., 300 seeds, 8 cts. 

Primula Sinensis. 

Chinese Primrose. 

Many persons seem to think Primulas are 
successfully propagated only in a green house, 
hence we find amateurs often reluctant to at- 
tempt their culture. They are unequalled as 
winter bloomers, easily grown if the right con- 
ditions are observed, and give a succession of 
flowers throughout the season, and are prized 
for both beauty and their delicate fragrance. 
Single fringed, finest mixed. Pkt., 50 seeds, 10c. 

Primula, Double. 

Best Mixed, all colors, Pkt., 30 seeds, 14 els. 

Primula Obconlca. 

Primula Obconica is as near an everblooming 
plant as it is possible to obtain. It has been 
known to flower for over twelve months without 
a break. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 

Polyanthus ( Primula Elatior). 

Showy, early spring, free flowering plants, 
fine for either pot or outdoor culture, hardy 
perennials ; 9 inches. The best single, all colors 
mixed. Pkt., 300 seeds, 5 cts. 

Star Primula. 


Stellata Hybrlda 

Many of the blooms 
are equal in form and 
purity of color to those 
of the Chinese Prim- 
ula, and, as they last 
longer and the plants 
can be much more eas- 
ily grown, they de- 
serve to be widely cul- 
tivated. Of the seed 
now offered, the mix- 
ture contains seven 
charming and distinct 
colors. Pkt., 100 
seeds , 8 cts . 

The Mexican 

Primrose . 

The superb colors, 
combined with airy 
grace and a beautiful 
form goes to make a 
flower which is almost 
perfection. The plant 
seldom grows over ten 
inches in height, but 
inclines to a trailing 
habit, sweeping its 
branches out over the 
ground, or drooping 
out over the sides of 
the pot. holding its 
large silky flowers 
erect; as a window 
plant it combines 
great hardiness and 
ease of culture with 
unrivaled beauty and 
profusion of bloom. 
In the open ground it 
grows freely and pro- 
fusely; will thrive well 
under any and all con- 
ditions and bloom the 
year round in pots or 
during spring. summer 
and fall in the garden. 
Pkt., 100 seeds, 6 cts. 

Rose, Multiflora True. 

With seed of these new Roses, plants may be had in bloom 
in 60 days from the time of sewing. Plant at any time. They 
grow quickly and flowers appear in large clusters, and in such 
quantity that a plant looks like a bouquet. Perfectly hardy in 
the garden where they bloom all summer. In pots they bloom 
both summer and winter. From a packet of seeds one will 
get Roses of various colors— white, pink, crimson, etc. No 
two alike and mostly perfectly double and very sweet. Pkt., 30 
seeds , 8 cts. 

Passion Flower, Incarnata. 

Handsome rapid growing climber for greenhouse or sunny 
position in open ground. Flesh white with purple rays; 
blossoms first season from seeds. Pkt., 20 seeds, 8 cts . 

Platycodon. ( Chinese Bell Flower.) 

Hardy perennials, producing very showy flowers during the 
whole season. They form large clumps, and are excellent for 
planting in permanent borders or among shrubbery. Mixed 
blue and white. Pkt., 500 seeds, 5 cts. 



This “Fairy Pas- 
si on Vine” is a 
charming; annual; 
it has pretty light 
green leaves, and 
is a very dainty 
and graceful thing 
for hanging bask- 
ets, pots or trel- 
lises; will grow to 
a height of 10 to 15 
feet out of doors; 
the flowers are 
white, followed by 
seed fruits, at first 
light green shaded 
white; when ripe 
they turn bright 
shining red and 
burst open, d i s- 
elosing fiery scar- 
let seeds; the en- 
tire plant becom- 
ing covered with 
these fruits. The 
effect is very pret- 
ty indeed. Pkt ., 20 
seeds , 10 cts. 

Rictnus Zanzlbarlensls. 

An entirely new class from Africa, with leaves often meas- 
uring two feet across; the seeds are marbled, speckled and 
spotted. Pkt., 6 seeds, 4 cts. 

Rlclnus, Camboglensls. 

Large, palm-like leaves of a brilliant, bronzy-red maroon 
color with large red veins. Pkt., 6 seeds, 4 cts. 

Rlclnus, Castor-Oil Bean. 

Ma»y choice varieties mixed. Pkt., 6 seeds, 3 cts. 

Bear in mind 
August is the 
best month for 
starting your 
Perennials and a 
few of them are 
always an ad> 
dition to your 

Schlzanthus, Butterfly Flower. 

Elegant and very free blooming annuals; of much 
interest and beauty, and when well grown, rival in 
singularity of colors and markings of the orchids: 
large flowers spotted with crimson, lilac, purple and 
yellow, and the petals are cut in a picturesque man- 
ner. In pots in the cons'ervatoy or house few plants 
are more attractive; also elegant in a bouquet or 
vase, and fine for bedding. Pkt., 200 seeds, 3 cts , 



Stock , White Perpetual , (Princess Alice.) 

The individual flowers are uncommonly large, of a fine 
rosette-like shape, and of the purest possible white. If 
sown early will produce a great abundance of bloom from 
June until November. Pkt. 0 100 seeds, 5 cts. 


Peach Blossom. 

The plants are of neat pyra- 
mfdal habit of growth, 
crowned with magnificent 
heads of beautiful shaped, 
perfectly double, sweet- 
scented flowers of a delicate 
peach blossom color. For 
beauty and long continuance 
of bloom it is unsurpassed; 
and the delightful fragrance 
renders it very desirable for 
bouquets, etc. Pkt., 100 
seeds, 5 cts. 


Mammoth Russian. 

Of gigantic dimensions 
both flower and stalk. Oz., 5 

Stocks, Ten Weeks. 

The Largest Flowering Globe Pyramidal. 

Immense spikes of perfectly double flowers, pyramidal in shape, 
the individual blooms frequently measuring from 2 to 2 Vi inches in 
diameter, ranging in colors from crimson, rose, white, blue, lilac, 
brown and yellow. They are greatly prized for cut flowers on ac- 
count of their fragrance and diversity of colors. Pkt. ,100 seeds, 5c. 

Stocks, Dwarf German Ten-Weeks. 

Fine mixed. Pkt., 50 seeds, 3 cts . 

Scarlet Sage, Salvia Splendens. 

One of the grandest plants in cultivation— a bed of them sur- 
passing the finest scarlet geraniums in brilliancy and continuous 
bloom; the lower spikes often measure ten to twelve inches in 
length, and there are as many as two hundred spikes on a well 
grown plant. From the time they first begin to flower, the plants 
are never out of bloom until killed by late frosts. It is easily 
grown from seed and the purchase of plants should be abandoned. 
Pkt., SO seeds, 5 cts. 

Salvia Farlnacea. 

The plants form dwarf, compact bushes, with long spikes of 
beautiful blue flowers, which makes a charming contrast when 
grown with the scarlet described above. Pkt., 50 seeds, 5 cts. 


Pure white, two feet high. Pkt., 50 seeds, 5 cts. 

Sweet Fern. Pkt., 300 seeds, 5 cts. 

The three packets, one of each, for 12 cts , 

Salplglossls, Crandlflora. 

The graceful flowers, borne on long stems, range 
in color from the most delicate shades of light blue and 
straw color to the deepest purple and richest brown and 
maroon. The quaint funnel-shaped flowers somewhat 
resemble those of the petunia, and are borne on long 
stems in great profusion. The metalic gloss and dis- 
tinct veining of the petals present almost the appear- 
ance of jeweled enamels. I*arge flowering mixed. Pkt., 
300 seeds , 5 cts. 

We have ueedyour seeds for soveral years with good satisfaction and 
have been Inquired of by many ns to where we obtained thorn. 

Yours very truly, 


Hartney, Manitoba, Can. 

S mil ax. 

One of the most 
desirable window 
vines on account 
of i t s charming 
glossy green, ele- 
gant and graceful 
foliage, and will 
grow several feet 
high the first sea- 
son. Started in 
the spring it af- 
fords elegant trel- 
lis plants for the 
house in winter; 
also fine for hang- 
ing baskets. Pkt., 
50 seeds, 4 cts., 
1-4 oz., 18 cts . 

Double Black 

A new variety, 
with elegant doub- 
le-back purple 
flowers, so deep in 
color as to appear 
nearly coal black. 
Pkt., 50 seeds, 4c, 


Mixed double, 
all colors. Pkt., 
75 seeds, 3 cts. 


It is the best 
25 and 50 cts. 

Sweet William , Dlanthus Barbatus, 

The Sweet William is one of the finest flowering 
plants among the hardy perennials. The flowers have 
a wide range of bright colors and varied markings, in- 
cluding the finest auricula-eyed varieties. Single and 
double mixed. Pkt., 100 seeds, 3 cts. 


New C olden Yellow.— The color has long been 
desired in the Scabiosa family and is now obtained after 
years of selections. The flowers are double, of a fine 
pure yellow color and are charming for bouquets. The 
plants are semi-dwarf and very free blooming. Pkt., 
50 seeds, 5 cts. 

Snowball Scablosa, 

The flowers are very large, measuring fully two 
inches in diameter, of purest white and very double. It 
comes quite true from seed. Pkt,, 50 seeds, 4 cts , 

Apole Ffh ssoms— Bright, ro*y pink standards, blush wings. 
Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts.; oz., SO cts. 

America— Heavily st'iped with bright blood red on white 
ground. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts.; oz., 10 cts. 

Admiration- A grand large flower of beautiful form,! ^-col- 
ored in delicate shade of rosy lavender, a free bloomer. Pkt., 100 
seeds, 5 cts.; oz., 1 0 cts. . 

Blanch Ferry— Beautiful combination of pink and white, very 
fragrant. Pkt., 1 00 seeds, 5 cts.; oz., 10 cts. . . 

Blushing Beauty— Very fine and extra large; rich, soft, fleshy 
rose. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts.; oz., 10 cts. 

Bronze King— Very novel and unique. Standard of a curious 
terra-cotta tint, supposed to be bronze; wings ivory white. Pkt., 
100 seeds, 5 cts.; oz , 10 cts. 

Countess of Radnor- Standard light mauve, fading into a soft 
lavender, wings of lighter shade. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts.;oz., 10c. 

Coquette— Deep primrose shaded fawn. Pkt., 100 seeds, 
5 cts.; oz., 10 cts. 

Countess of Powls-\ glowing orange suffused with light 
purple, very novel. Pk .... 100 seeds, 5 cts.; oz., 10 cts. 

Dorothy Eckford— The finest pure white yet produced, bear- 
ing three blossoms on a stem. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts.; oz.. 10 cts. 

Firefly— Best and brightest of scarlets. Standard fiery scar- 
let, wings crimson scarlet. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts., oz. 10 cts. 

Othello— Deep maroon, an improvement on Black Knight. 
Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. oz.. 10 cts. 

Salopian- Burpee s Sunproof. > Flowers of large size, beauti- 
fully rich, deep glowing crimson, tinged with orange scarlet. Pkt., 
100 seeds , 5 cts.; ox*, 10 cts. 

Kathrlne Tracy- Soft but brlliant pink, of precisely the same 
shade in wings and standard. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts.; oz., 10 i s. 

Mrs. Jos. Chamberlain- One of the largest and 
of Eckford's novelties The color is very effective, the vvho.e 
flower having a white ground which is heavily striped with rose. 
Pkt., 100 seeds, S cts.; oz., 10 cts. 

Maid of Monoi — Flowers beautifully shaded light blue on 
white ground, edged with narrow deep rich violet. Pkt., 100 
seeds, 5 cts.; oz., 10 cts. 

Miss Wlllmott— Richest orange-pink flowers, measure one and 
one-fifth inches across, and are borne on long stiff stems twelve to 
sixteen inches long. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts.; oz., 10 cts. 

Mrs. Dugdale — One of the largest flowered of all sweet peas. 
Light carmine-rose with faint markings of Primrose. Pkt., IUU 
seeds, 5 cts.; oz., 10 cts. 

King Edward VI I -The best red sweet pea up-to-date. An im- 
provement on firefly. Pkt.. 100 seeds, 5 cts. m oz., 10 cts. 

Lady Crisel Hamilton- Light lavender with azure-blue wings, 
very dainty. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts.; oz.ptOcts. 

Navy Blue— A. most distinct and striking color in Sweet Peas. 
The general effect is of a rich, deep true blue, though on close ex- 
amination the shade in the standards is a deep lavender-purple, 
suffused throughout with a faint tint of claret or wine-red. while 
the wings are a rich violet-purple. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts.; oz.,IOc. 

Lady Nina Balfour— Targe, expanded form with flowers beau- 
tifully hooded; both standards and wings are well rounded and 
broadly spreading. Coloring a pale lavender or lilac, free from 
any redish tint, and when gathered in bunches gives the effect of 
a soft mouse tint. Pkt* t 100 seeds, 5 cts*; ox., 10 cts* 

Ramona— Soft, flesh-pink stripes on white ground, very dainty and deli- 
cate. Pht ., 100 seeds, 5c.; oz., 10c. 

Venus— Of the largest expansion form; color, a rich salmon-buff Pkt .. 

100 seeds, 5c.; oz,, 10c . 

Prince of Wales— A bright, setf-colored, deep rose flower of grand size and 
beautifully hooded form; frequently four on a stem. A greatly improved Her 
Majesty, one of Kckford’s finest. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts.; oz., 10 cts. 

Queen Victoria —The nearest approach to yellow in Sweet Peas. Color a soft 
primrose yellow, slightly overlaid with faint purple, which imparts a much 
deeper tone. Flowers of very large size and finest form, erect, slightly pointed, 
with edges finely recurved. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts.; oz., 10 cts. 

Stanley— Rich, glossy, dark maroon, of large expanded form. Pkt., 100 
seeds, 5 cts.; oz., 10 cts. 

Triumph— Flowers of grand, large size and most beautiful coloring. Stan- 
dard stiffly erect, broadly expanded; color, white; suffused with salmon-pink, 
tinted with carmine at the base; wings widely spread, uelicately veined with 
rosy carmine, shading to deep rose in the center. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts.; oz.. 
10 cts. 

New Double Sweet Pea. 

Double Sweet Peas are of incomparable beauty. The plants are of extremely 
robust growth, producing a lavish profusion of richly fragrant flowers; the 
flowers are extra large, frequently measuring over two inches across. They 
will not all come double , but if the plants are growu strong and luxuriant, they 
usually produce from 20 to 40 per cent, of double blossoms. Pkt., 100 seeds, 
5 cts.; oz., 10 cts. 

Sweet Peas, Best New Mixed. 

Owing to a special demand for all the new and finer named varieties, I have 
selected all the large flowering and most distinct sorts, especially for those 
that can afford to pay for the scarce and rarer varieties that heretofore have 
been too expensive to include in a mixture, including in all some twenty-five 
or thirty named varieties. This I call my best mixed and I can particularly 
recommend it as extra choice and fine. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts.; oz., 10 cts.; 
V* lb., 25 cts.; lb., 90 cts. 

Sweet Peas, Fine Mixed. 

This strain, although not embracing the new seedlings, contains a beautiful 
assortment of the famous Eckford Sweet Peas. Pkt., 100 seeds, 4 cts.; oz.. 

8 cts.; % lb., 20 cts.; lb., 65 cts. 

Good Mixed— Pkt., 75 seeds, 3 cts.; oz., 6 cts.; y lb., 15 cts.; lb., 45 cts. 

NOTICE— One package each of the entire collection 
(34 pkts.) for $1.15, any 3 pkts. for 10 cts., and four oz. 
pkts • for 25 cts., 2 oz. pkts. for 15 cts. 

New Dwarf Pink Cupid Sweet Pea. 

Pink Cupid - Hears generally three and sometimes four 
flowers to a stem. The flowers are identical with the 
tall-growing Blanch Ferry and are fully equal in size. 
The standard is a bright rose pink, while the wings are 
pure white and light pink. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts.; oz., 
10 cts. 

New Dwarf White Cupid Sweet Pea. 

Grows but five inches high and blooms so freely for 
months that it appears a perfect mass of white— the 
leaves being quite hidden. The flowers of fine form and 
large size, are of the most perfect white, and the plants 
remain in full bloom two months longer than any other 
Sweet Pea. Useful for bedding. Pkt., 100 seeds., 5 
cts.; oz., 10 cts. 

Mammoth Verbena • 

Flowers of unusual size, single flowers sometimes being as large 
as a twenty-five cent piece, while the clusters of bloom are magnificent 
and the range of color more vivid than in any other mixture. For gar- 
den beds or massing, the Verbena is unrivaled; flowers of the most 
brilliant color, blooming continually from spring until late in the 
autumn. Although perennials, thev bloom profusely the first season 
from seed. Pkt., 100 seeds, 6 cts . 

Pure White Verbena. 


A fine strain of large flowering, pure white Hybrid Verbena ; 
trusses large and borne freely at all times; always comes true 
from seed. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 

Striped Verbena. 

Very showy striped flowers of many bright colors. Pkt., 
100 seeds, 5 cts. 

Defiance Verbena. 

True brightest scarlet. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 

Verbena Hybrlda. 

Fine mixed from a splendid range of colors. Pkt., 75 
seeds, 3 cts. 

Verbena Odorata. 

This lovely Verbena is hardy ; seed may be sown in the open 
ground early in the spring. The blossoms, instead of being in 
clusters, run up into spikes three or four inches long, and are 
very sweet scented. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 

Lemon Verbena. 

This elegant, fragrant plant is easily grown from seed and 
succeeds anywhere. Have a good bed of it in the garden 
every si mmer, that you can cut its fragrant foliage and flowers 
to make up with bouquets. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 

Verbena . 

Primrose yellow. Pkt., 100 seeds, 5 cts. 

One packet each of the entire collection of Verbenas 
(8 pkts.) for 25 cts. 

Perennial Peas, Lathryrus. 

They do not have the delicious fragrance of the Sweet Peas, 
but they are equally beautiful. They are perfectly hardy and 
live year after year bearing magnificent clusters of flowers and 
bloom early in the spring. Pkt., 25 seeds, 3 cts. 

Violet , Viola. 

The violet should not be wanting in any garden, on account 
of its fragrance and early appearance. A single flower will 
perfume a whole room. Succeeds best in a shady, sheltered 
place, and can be easily increased by dividing the roots. Fin- 
est mixed. Pkt., 150 seeds, 5 cts. 


Wallflowers are the most deliciously fragrant of all gar- 
den flowers ; their cultivation has been restricted, however, 
because they did not bloom until a yeat after the seed was 
sown. This new annual variety will flower throughout the 
summer and fall from seed sown the same spring. K very- 
one should now grow some and enjoy the pleasing fra- 
grance of the cinnamon-colored flowers. Pkt., 75 seeds, 
4 cts . 

Wallflower , Double Mixed. 

Spikes of deliciously fragrant double flowers, combining 
many shades of color, chocolate and orange, purple pre- 
dominating. Pkt., 50 seeds, 6 cts. 

flew Giant Zinnias. 

New Giant Zinnias . 

A new class of Zinnias, giant in size and perfectly double flowers of 
the richest and most varied colors and shapes. The plants grow about 
three feet high and bloom freely during a long period, making them par- 
ticularly valuable for large groups. Pkt., 50 seeds, 6 cts . 

Zinnias, Curled and Crested. 

Very beautiful aud curious new strain, with large 
heads of dowers, beautifully crimped and curled. 
Pkt.,50 seeds, 5 cts. 

Zinnias, Double Lllllput. 

Dwarf compact bushes, bearing very small, perfectly double, 
pompon-shaped flowers of the brightest colors, which ^yer tlm 
plant during the entire summer and until frost sets The flow- 
ers embrace a wide ranee of both light and dark colors , evenly dis 
tributed. Phi., 50 seeds, 5 cts. 


Choice double mixed. Pht., 50 seeds, 3 cts. 


With its close, velvety turf, is a most essential feature m 
the adornment of all suburban homes— without it the 
finest flowering plants and bedding seem insignificant, 
whiie with it handsome grounds are assured, even with 
no other adornment. 



Is composed of a mixture of grasses best adapted to produce 
a permanent and fine turf, so that a rich, deep green, velvety 
lawn is constantly maintained. 

Finest Quality .... Quart .... $ 0.23 

Finest Quality .... 2 Quarts .... .40 

Finest Quality .... Peck .90 

Finest Quality .... Bushel .... 3.40 

Good Quality .... Quart 

Good Quality .... 2 Quarts 20 

Good Quality .... Peck 

Good Quality .... Bushel .... 1. 4U 

Lawn Grass Seed bv peck or bushel by express at purchaser's 
expense and on all orders by mail for more than two quarts, 
please add 5 cts. per quart to cover postage. 

$100 in Cash Prizes 

For best photograph of yard, back or 
front, grown from Miss Lippincott’s 
Lawn, Grass and Flower Seeds. 

FIRST PRIZE, $20.00 - - 

= ■ . $20.00 




10.00 each 

. = - 30.00 




5.00 each 

= = = 25.00 




2.50 each 

* . . 10.00 



1.00 each 

. - = 15.00 


o c u a 

* = =$100.00 

I offer the above prizes for pictures of Lawns grown from 
my seeds during the season of 1906. Please bear in mind I 
want the pictures for reproduction in future catalogues. All 
pictures must be taken on glossy paper, any size, mounted or 
unmounted, pictures taking prizes to be my property, all 
others returned to sender if requested. Full rarae and address 
must be written on back of all pictures. Pictures must be in 
by Oct. 1st. Prizes awarded Nov. 1st, 1906. On all orders for 
SHEDS amounting to 50 cts. and upwards, a competition card 
will be enclosed. 




PINK, Finest Mixed; HELICHRYSUM, Mixed; MIGNONETTE, Sweet; MARIGOLD. French Mixed; PANSY Royal Show 
PETUNIA HYBRIDA, Fine Mixed; PHLOX DRUMMONDI I , Grandiflora Mixed ; POPPY, the Shirley ; SCHIZANTHUS Butterfly 
Flower, Mixed; SWEET PEAS. Best Mixed; and VERBENA HYBRIDA, Fine Mixed. 



Why give 25 cents for a single plant that will bear only half a dozen flowers in a season, when the same 25 cents will buy this complete 
assortment ol 15 easy growing annual varieties, sufficient to plant your garden? REMEMBER, I cannot make a single change in this 




(Everybody's Favorites), all new, fresh seeds, sure to grow and bloom this 
markings; PHLOX, 20 colors; VERBENA, 6 colors; PINKS, 10 colors; PETUNIA, 10 colors: ASTERS 

a. PANSY, 40 colors and 
ASTERS, 12 colors; BALSAM, 8 colors; 

C* D 1 O r RJ and the name and address of two of your friends who grow flowers, I will send, post-paid, the complete col- 

v ^ lection, one packet each of the ten varieties (enough for any ordinary garden). This is a BONA FIDE 

offer ; made to introduce my flower seeds to new customers, and which 1 guarantee to please you, or the amount paid refunded and the seeds 
given as a present. 

\fj I I ^ p" LOW E! R G AR DE INI CHOICE MIXED SEEDS. A mixture of many varieties of beautiful, easy grow- 
1 w ’ 1 ^ 1 1 ^ • ing flowers, producing a constant and varied bloom the whole season, and is 

especially suited for those who wish only a few seeds each of the LEADING VARIETIES, or a much more extensive collection than their means 
will permit. In no other manner can so many seeds be obtained for such a SMALL COST. The mixture is especially prepared from choice, fresh 
seeds, the colors and varieties being carefully proportioned, and will be found superior to any mixture offered. They are very useful for sowing 
alongside the garden fence, and on untidy bare spots of ground and cannot fail to GIVE SATISFACTION. Packet, 800 seeds, 4 cents: 
ounce, 14 cents. 


602, 604, 606 I Oth St., South